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Pipeline Steel Plate

Pipeline Steel Plate

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Pipeline Steel Plate Despriction

Pipeline Steel's general grade is X42, X46, X52, X65, X70, X80, X60, L245 L360 L415 , Q235B, Q345B, 0Cr13, 1Cr17, 00Cr19Ni11, 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni11Nb. Pipeline steel is used to transport oil, natural gas and other large diameter welded steel pipe for hot rolled coil or plate. Pipeline steel in use process, in addition to the compressive strength is high, also requires low temperature toughness is high and excellent welding performance.

1) High yield strength: Currently the design of oil and gas pipe line is made according to the steel yield strength, high transmission work requires the steel with high yield strength property. For welded line pipes, yield strength is reduced after the rolling process, the reduction is higher with the increase of strength.

2) High toughness and low brittle transition temperature: As the gas pipeline working pressure becomes higher, and pipe diameter becomes larger, pipeline break accident happens occasionally. Toughness is the key factor for the break, toughness and strength must be enhanced together for the insurance of pipeline safety.

3) Good welding performance: Linepipe assemble is usually in the wild environment with fierce conditions, welding performance is one basic requirement for wild welding work.

4) Corrosion resistant: gas or fluid transmitted in pipelines may contain corrosive elements-S.

5) Good moldability: for cold roll forming process is taken place before welding, good moldablity is the key to good ductility and toughness of final product

X80 and lower grades obtained license of national special equipment manufacturing. Adopt technology of TMCP and composition design to meet different requirements of customers.The following pipeline plates have been developed: HIC resistant plate: X70, L390MS and SSC resistant plate, max thickness 32mm; Deepsea pipeline plate: X65MO, thickness 40mm;Pipe fitting plate: XI00,max thickness 55mm.

Pipeline Steel Plate Parameter

Grade   Permissible yield point ratio Yield Strength MPa(min) Tensile Strength MPa Elongation % (min)
API 5L EN 10208-2        
API 5L Gr. B L 245NB ≤ 0.85 240 370 - 490 24
API 5L X 42 L 290NB ≤ 0.85 290 420 - 540 23
API 5L X 52 L 360NB ≤ 0.85 360 510 - 630  
API 5L X 60 L 415NB        
API 5L Gr. B L 245MB ≤ 0.85 240 370 - 490 24
API 5L X 42 L 290MB ≤ 0.85 290 420-540 23
API 5L X 52 L 360MB ≤ 0.85 360 510 - 630  
API 5L X 60 L 415MB        
API 5L X 65 L 450MB ≤ 0.85 440 560 - 710  
API 5L X 70 L 485MB ≤ 0.85 480 600 - 750  
API 5L X 80 L 555MB ≤ 0.90 555 625 - 700 20

Pipeline Steel Plate Application

Pipeline Steel Plate is key material for production of API 5L X56 ERW line pipe, LSAW line pipe, SSAW line pipe, which are used in pipe line construction in oil, gas and water transport, it can be used in manufacturing pressure fluid transmission construction.

Extremely low arctic temperatures, extreme pressures in the deep ocean, acid media: even the most fierce conditions have no negative effect on our API 5L X56 steel plate. API 5L X56 steel plate is able to work in depths of up to 2,800 meters below the sea surface.

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