effect auxiliary cathode plasma nitriding behavior

effect auxiliary cathode plasma nitriding behavior

Despriciton: Cited by 60Publish Year 2010Author M.V.Leite,C.A.Figueroa,S.Corujeira Gallo,A.C.Rovani,R.L.O.Basso,P.R.Mei,I.J.R.BSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.(PDF) Influence of Plasma Nitriding on Wear Behavior of Influence of Plasma Nitriding on Wear Behavior of AISI D2 Tool Steel A.Pour...


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Cited by 60Publish Year 2010Author M.V.Leite,C.A.Figueroa,S.Corujeira Gallo,A.C.Rovani,R.L.O.Basso,P.R.Mei,I.J.R.BSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.(PDF) Influence of Plasma Nitriding on Wear Behavior of Influence of Plasma Nitriding on Wear Behavior of AISI D2 Tool Steel A.Poursafar 1, In this researches the structure and Wear properties of plasma nitrided D2 steel is evaluated.Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.Cathodic Cage Plasma Nitriding of Austenitic Stainless different pressures in R.F.plasma nitriding processes17,18 and ionic implantation by immersion19.However,in cathodic cage plasma nitriding the influence of the working pressure on the physical and chemical properties of the treated surfaces has hardly been studied.This technique uses the same equipment as the conventional nitriding processEffect of ion peening and pulsed plasma nitriding on the Sep 01,2019·2.2.Surface modification and TiN deposition.100Cr6 steel samples were used for preliminary Xe + ion bombardment and pulsed plasma nitriding prior to TiN film deposition.Xe + ion bombardment and TiN deposition process weres performed using an ion beam assisted deposition system (Ionic Implantation and Surface Treatment Laboratory,Campinas State University Unicamp,Modeling the Workpiece Heating on a Plasma Nitriding Jan 01,2015·Knowing the process characteristics and obtaining the model of the process is an important stage in future design of the equipment control system.Based on the observed behavior of the system and using some experimental data from different nitriding processes it was proposed in this paper a neural network model for the workpiece heating effect.Surface hardening of laser melting deposited 12CrNi2 alloy Sep 15,2020·Plasma carburizing of 12CrNi2 alloy steel fabricated by laser melting deposition was carried out in a propane-containing atmosphere at temperature of 930 °C with and without hollow cathode discharge (HCD).The generation of the HCD in the carburizing process was achieved by adding an auxiliary cathode opposite the alloy steel sample.Numerical simulation of discharge plasma generationwere defined.Authors provided the compari of calculations with the experimental results of titanium nitriding by low-pressure glow discharge plasma in a hollow cathode.1.Introduction The ion-plasma surface treatment in plasma gas discharge,particularly the nitriding treatment have been increasingly developed [1-9] in recent years.Spectroscopic Investigations of Plasma Nitriding and Request PDF Spectroscopic Investigations of Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing Processes Using an Active Screen A Comparative Plasma Chemical Study of Two Reactor Types Low-pressure pulsedProtect stamping dies with ion/plasma nitridingChromium plating has been used successfully to protect stamping dies for many years.However,chromium platings limitations seem to be more pronounced as AHSS become harder.In recent years a technique called ion/plasma nitriding has been successful in surface hardening of those tools and dies.The effect of temperature on corrosion behavior of SS316L Jul 01,2011·Highlights We systematically studied the effect of temperature on corrosion behavior of SS316L in PEMFC cathode environments.The corrosion behavior of SS316L can be significantly different at different temperatures.Corrosion current densities at different temperatures are all lower than US DOE 2015 target,1 A cm 2.At high temperature,the bi-layer structure of the passive filmEffect of the carburized layer on the plasma nitriding In this study,carburizing and nitriding duplex treatment was carried out at various carburizing pressures in the range of 10002500 Pa on M50NiL steel.The modified layers were characterized by laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM),scanning electron microscopy (SEM),transmission electron microscopy (TEM),x-ray diffraction (XRD) and microhardness testing.Effect of Nitrogen Hydrogen Ratio on The Characteristics In this study,plasma nitriding at different nitrogen hydrogen ratio was carried out for 38CrMoAl steel to effectively control the formation of compound layer,and it was found that there existed a critical nitrogen hydrogen ratio for avoiding the formation of compound layer.(PDF) Life enhancement of hot-forging dies by plasma-nitridingMay 19,2020·The nitriding time was varied from 2 to 16 hours.Micro-hardness measurements were performed on the surface and through the diffusion layer for each nitrided material. After plasma nitridingLow-Temperature Plasma Nitriding for Austeniticthe low-temperature nitriding for these coatings produced the S-phase,thereby enhancing the wear resistance,similar to bulk austenitic stainless steels.In addition,the laser powder-bed fusion of AISI 316L stainless steel was treated by low-temperature plasma nitriding,at the temperature of 430 C,Improvement of hot forging tools with duplex treatment Mar 01,2002·The most commonly used surface treatment of forging tools is gas nitriding,but many other surface treatments and coatings have also been used (e.g.plasma nitriding,plasma spray techniques,electrodeposition,chemical vapor deposition and combined techniques) ,,,.During plasma nitriding process,a 50200 m thick nitride layer withMaterials Special Issue Tribological Behavior of Surface texturing-plasma nitriding duplex treatment was conducted on AISI 316 stainless steel to improve its tribological performance.Tribological behaviors of ground 316 substrates,plasma-nitrided 316 (PN-316),surface-textured 316 (ST-316),and duplex-treated 316 (DT-316) in air and under grease lubrication were investigated using aThe effect of plasma nitriding on the fatigue behavior of In this study,the effects of plasma nitriding temperature and time on the microstructure,surface hardness,wear and corrosion resistance of quenched and tempered DIN 1.2210 cold work tool steelDuplex-PACVD coating of surfaces for die casting tools In this paper the influence of plasma nitriding,multi-layer PVD coating (i.e.CrN,ZrN) and duplex treatment (plasma nitriding and PVD) on the thermal fatigue resistance of AISI H11 hot work toolNumerical simulation of cathodic voltage drop in Hall Abstract.Numerical simulations are widely used to predict cathode voltage drop in Hall-Héroult cells and to determine the qualifications needed for voltage savings.The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of change in the properties of cathode assembly materials with temperature,the effect of the copper insert in collector bar and effect of change in cathode design on the cathodic voltage drop,A novel plasma oxynitriding by using plain air for AISI Plasma post-oxidizing was conducted immediately after plasma nitriding in the same equipment for AISI 4140 steel,and plain air was used as the oxygen bearing gas.Erosion Behavior of Plasma Nitriding Stainless Steel by The erosion behavior of plasma nitriding SUS304 stainless steel by molten lead-free solder was examined.Plasma nitriding treatment was conducted to the surface of SUS304 steel.The thickness of the nitriding layer was approximately 17 m.The layer mainly consists of Fe 4 N,Effect of nitriding and shot-peening on the fatigue Mar 01,2012·The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of shot peening on three points bending fatigue of nitrided 42CrMo4 steel,and clarifies whether it is necessary to employ shot peening for nitrided parts,and developed an approach to predict high cycle fatigue behavior,taking into account the different surface properties.2.Ion/Plasma Nitriding Process AHTIon (Plasma) Nitriding.UltraGlow&Ion Nitriding (also known as Plasma Nitriding) is a case-hardening treatment which uses glow discharge technology to introduce nitrogen ions to the surface of a metal for diffusion into the part.Investigation of micro-structure and micro-hardness Aug 31,2015·We have established a hot cathode arc discharge plasma system,where different stainless steel samples can be treated by monitoring the plasma parameters and nitriding parameters independently.In the present work,a mixture of 70% N 2 and 30% H 2 gases was fed into the plasma chamber and the treatment time and substrate temperature were optimized for treating 304L Stainless SteelInfluence of Substrate Nitriding on Adhesion,Friction and This work analyses the effect of the plasma nitrided cold working steel substrate (80CrV2) on the adhesion,friction and wear resistance of DLC-coatings and compares it to the performance of DLC-coatings applied on a non-hardened substrate material.The Microstructural Analysis and Tribological Behavior of This whitepaper illustrates a microstructural analysis study conducted to understand the Tribological behavior of Plasma Nitrided 316Ln Stainless Steel with the nitriding layer thickness of 30 40 microns.

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